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Since your little children are unable to care for their own smile, it’s up to you to ensure their teeth receive the attention they need. In order to keep your child’s oral health at its best, consider the facts about baby bottle tooth decay:

– Tooth decay can be caused by exposing your child to new bacteria, including contamination from your mouth by using the same toothbrush or cleaning their bottle tops with your mouth. It is important to wash every bottle top or pacifier before giving it to your child, and never share toothbrushes.
– Although it may help your child to drink from their bottle, do not cover the bottle top in any form of sugary substance, including honey.
– A drink can remain in your child’s mouth as they sleep and cause baby bottle tooth decay, so remove the bottle during nap time or fill it with water.
– A child’s mouth is tremendously susceptible to baby bottle tooth decay from drinks such as sodas, juices, sugar water, and sports drinks.
– Baby bottle tooth decay can appear in your child’s first tooth, which often occurs when the child is six months old.

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