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Can you benefit from a cosmetic dentistry treatment this summer? Cosmetic dentistry treatments consist of dental treatments that can enhance the look of your smile. Some cosmetic treatments are used to enhance broken or damaged teeth, while others are designed to replace missing or lost teeth. Listed below are some sensational cosmetic dentistry treatments that can improve your smile:

– If a tooth is broken or badly damaged, it can be covered and sealed with a dental crown cosmetic treatment.

– Dental bridges offer better smiles by replacing missing or lost teeth with temporary enhancements that are attached directly to other nearby teeth

– One of the most popular forms of tooth replacement therapy in cosmetic dentistry is dental implants, which can replace lost or missing teeth with permanent alternatives.

– A dental veneer restoration treatment is used to place a shell on the front of a tooth to adjust its look for your desired smile.

– Dentures are a tooth replacement therapy that relies on natural looking replicas to fill the void left behind by missing teeth.

– If you would like to improve the natural look of your teeth, teeth whitening systems can be used.

Always make time in your life to visit your dentist at Simple Smiles Restorative & Cosmetic Dentistry for a bi-annual professional cleaning, and if necessary, to book an appointment with Dr. Christine Lee for a detailed exam of your oral health to see if a cosmetic restoration can enhance your smile. You can reach our dentist office in Woodstock, Georgia, by calling us at 770.592.7000. Let us help you get a whiter, brighter smile today!