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If you are committed to protecting your oral health, then you will need to exercise vigilance in keeping your enamel in good shape. One effective way to enhance the tooth enamel is to incorporate fluoride into your smile at regular intervals. The benefits of fluoride include strengthening your enamel to improve your overall dental health.

Fluoride exposure for your teeth aids in restoring any lost microscopic minerals in the tooth enamel–a process called remineralization–which can help to reduce the risk of tooth sensitivity and tooth decay.

If you are experiencing symptoms of tooth decay or tooth sensitivity, it’s important that you notify our dentist and team and schedule a dental visit so that we can address these issues and prevent future issues through fluoride treatment.

Our team can pour an amount of concentrated fluoride gel into a dental tray that we place in your smile for a few minutes at the end of your dental checkup. You may need to go about half an hour without eating or drinking so that the fluoride can sink into the tooth enamel.

We encourage you to also reduce your intake of acidic foods and drinks, as well as brush your teeth with a fluoride toothpaste every day. Call 770.592.7000 today if you would like to come see Dr. Christine Lee at Simple Smiles Restorative & Cosmetic Dentistry and learn more about fluoride treatment in Woodstock, Georgia.