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The secret of Halloween happiness is all about finding the balance between keeping your smile safe while still having a good time. You can still enjoy the treats and festivities of the Halloween season without guaranteeing yourself cavities or similar enamel damage. Always remember to brush early and often and limit the consumption of hazardous products.

You should already be brushing your teeth twice daily and flossing once daily as well. In addition, it’s extremely helpful to wash out your mouth after eating. This helps wash away any residue that may be left from treats and snacks you may have consumed. Be aware that some products can be more hazardous than others. This includes overly sticky or chewy products that can linger in your mouth and can often be difficult to wash away. If left untreated, they can greatly speed up the rate of tooth decay.

Also, be wary of hard products that you have to bite into. This includes items such as candy apples, which can easily chip a tooth or even knock one out. To help protect your smile, remove these hazards and switch them out for healthier options. If you have children, consider an incentive program to exchange them for toys, money, or other products they may be interested in.

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