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If any of your teeth are chipped, cracked, or discolored, have no fear. Just get a veneer!

What is a veneer?

A veneer is a thin surface of extremely durable porcelain that is custom fit and powerfully glued to your tooth.

How would Dr. Christine Lee fit me with a veneer?

You’ll first come into the office for a cleaning and consultation. You may want to get your teeth whitened as well. The material of a veneer cannot be whitened by any bleaching product, and as the shade of your veneer will be matched to the rest of your teeth, you’ll want to brighten your smile beforehand.

During another visit, Dr. Christine Lee will deftly remove a miniscule amount of your original tooth. Then he’ll form a mold of your mouth called an impression. Simple Smiles Restorative & Cosmetic Dentistry will take it to a dental technician who will create a custom-made veneer. On your last visit, Dr. Christine Lee will attach the veneer to your tooth with a special durable dental superglue.

What are the benefits of a veneer?

• A gorgeous, fully restored smile
• Very little of the natural tooth is lost
• It protects your original tooth from bacteria and acid
• If your natural tooth is strong and sturdy, veneers are better than crowns

To learn more about getting a durable and beautiful veneer, call Simple Smiles Restorative & Cosmetic Dentistry in Woodstock, Georgia to schedule an appointment. Our phone number is 770.592.7000.